Quantum Collection Services forms partnerships with our clients by carefully listening to our client’s needs and working closely to develop a program that will maximize the financial return to our client.

We believe each client’s needs are unique, and we will strive to design our services to meet your individual needs. You can be assured you are partnering with an organization that has a thorough understanding of the collection industry, gained through years of experience and successful accounts receivable partnerships. Our staff will also stay in-touch with your continuing needs through on-going, personal contact.

Quantum Collection Services is proud of its outstanding partnerships and relationships with our prestigious business partners.
Bilingual Staff
Ability to communicate effectively
Our staff is bilingual to assure our ability to communicate effectively within the English speaking as well as Hispanic communities.
Legal Services
To further increase the success of our collection efforts

Quantum Collection Services offers Legal Services, when applicable, to further increase the success of our collection efforts.

Quantum Collection Services reports delinquent accounts to Experian, Equifax and Trans Union credit reporting agencies.

State of the Art Technology
Includes Client Access Web
Our State of the Art technologies include “Client Access Web” which allows 24/7 access to debtor status and the ability to upload new accounts electronically.
ACA Member
Member Agency
Quantum Collection Services is a member of the American Collectors Association.